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Michael Huey, DMD

Fair Director
Lois Jane Lugg

Lois Jane Lugg

Scientific Review Chairman
Jim Luddon, Jr., P.E.

Educational Outreach Chairman
Gary Foss

Sponsorship Coordinator
Caroline Stein

Judges Recruitment
Mary Omberg & Katherine Arrington


Media & Publicity Contact
Dennis Heidner

Head Judge
Michael Huey

Special Awards Head Judge
Mary Omberg

Special Awards Chairman
Jennifer Degnan

Volunteer Coordinator
Flint Walpole

Home School Outreach Chairman
Kandis Brighton



The Board of Directors


Michael Huey, DMD

Vice President

 Gary Foss
Aerospace Engineer 


Pam Odam
Electrical Engineer, Retired

 Charls Fritz
System Analyst


Caroline Stein

WSSEF Fair Director

Lois Jane Lugg
Electrical Engineer 

WSSEF Founder

Gwen Croswaite

Board Members At Large

Kandis P. Brighton
Home Educator 

Pamela Odam
Electrical Engineer, Retired

Charles Fritz
Systems Analyst

Deanna Phillips
Electrical Engineer 

Jim Luddon, Jr.

Professional Engineer, Retired

David Steindl

Engineering Manager


Tim McIlhenny
Computer Programmer

Julie Wasserburger
Educator, Principal

Amy Heidner

Mary Omberg
Educator, Retired

J. David Rubie
PTSA Science Chair

Warren Spalnger
Nuclear Engineer
Flint Walpole
Educator, Princepal

  Please keep in mind that e-mail will generally receive the quickest response.

Telephone number (and emergency contact during the Fair weekend): 360-551-0012.