Registration for the 2008 Fair closes March 22, 2008

Individual Projects

To register an Individual Project, please complete the following steps: (Forms are only Valid for 2008 WSSEF)

A. Press one of the following buttons for either online entry form or to print out a PDF entry form
B. Click on each of the following four forms. Please print out a copy of each form and fill them out completely. These forms are the minimum required forms for entering the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair and must be submitted with your registration. 
 B1. Signature Form (W2). (Note: See Privacy Statements for more information.)
 B2. Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
 B3. Student Checklist (1A).  (Note: If you have filled out the Abstract in the on-line registration, you only need to attach a copy to this form. The Abstract prints out as the second page of the entry form.)
 B4. Approval Form (1B)
C. If your project includes: human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, hazardous chemicals, activities, and devices, click here to review the information in the Special Project section on the registration page. Depending on the nature of your project, other special forms may be required
D. Send your $15.00 Entry Fee along with copies of the following items postmarked by March 22, 2008
 1. Student Information - Individual Project Form (W1). (Step A from above)
 2. Parent (Guardian) Signature Form (W2) with Original Parent/ Guardian Signature. (Step B1 from above)
 3. Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1). (Step B2 from above)
 4. Student Checklist (1A). (Step B3 from above)
 5. Approval Form (1B). (Step B4 from above)
 6. Any forms required for Special Project. (Step C from above)

Mail To:Washington State Science and Engineering Fair:
 PO Box 2412
 SILVERDALE, WA 98383-2412
E. Please bring copies of all forms with you to the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair.
For any questions, please send e-mail to WSSEF registration or call 360-551-0012

The WSSEF is immensely grateful for the contributions from its sponsors. Without their generous support the WSSEF would not be able to give its participants the opportunities and support they need.

The WSSEF encourages each participant to recognize the generosity of these sponsors by calling or writing to them directly. Many of the sponsoring businesses will be providing staffing and support at this year's fair. If you see them, please say "Hello" and thank them for their support.
The forms on this page require Adobe® Reader® (free to download)


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