ISEF Awards
American Meteorological Society Certificate of Outstanding Achievement

The American Meteorological Society will award two certificates of Outstanding Achievement to student exhibitors in grades 9 & 12. Only projects relating to atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences will be considered.

American Psychological Association Certificate of Outstanding Achievement
The American Psychological Association Education Directorate and Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools will award one certificate recognizing outstanding research in psychology under the category of behavioral and social sciences.

ASM International Foundation Medallion and Certificate of Recognition
The ASM International Foundation will award one certificate and medallion recognizing the winner of the best materials engineering project.

Association for Women Geoscientists Student Award for Geosciences Excellence
The Association for Women Geoscientists will award one certificate to female students whose projects, in the opinion of the judges, exemplify high standards of innovativeness and scientific excellence in the geosciences, illustrate the interdisciplinary nature of the geosciences, or promote the sensitivity to the earth as a global system.

Discovery Youth Science
Discovery Communications, in partnership with Science Service created the Discovery Young Scientist Challenge to enable middle school students to participate in a national science fair competition. The top students from grades 5 through 8 will be selected to be part of this program.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association Young Engineer Award
The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library Association is pleased to provide the Young Engineer Award to the outstanding engineering project. The student should have a good grasp of engineering fundamentals, demonstrate competence in one or more engineering disciplines, and show good communication skills by effectively explaining his/her project. The winning student will receive a certificate and medallion.

Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award
Intel will award a certificate and $200 to an outstanding computer science project in grades 9th – 12th.

Mu Alpha Theta Certificate of Acheivement
Mu Alpha Theta, the National High School and Two Year College Mathematics Club, will award a certificate for the project demonstration the most challenging, thorough, and creative investigation of a problem involving modern mathematics.

National Society of Professional Engineer Award of Excellence
The National Society of Professional will award on certificate, lapel pin and a one year subscription to "Engineering Times" to the best engineering project.

Ricoh Sustainable Development Award
This award goes to the one individual or team entry whose principles and technical innovation offer the greatest potential for increasing out ability to grow environmentally friendly and socially responsible businesses by exploring and innovating technologies and principles that protect the environment, are less polluting, use all resources in a more sustainable manner, recycle more of their wastes and products, and handle residual wastes in a more acceptable manner than the technologies for which they were substitutes. Not just individual technologies, but total systems, which include know-how, procedures, goods and services, and equipment as well as organizational and managerial processes. The winner will receive a one-year subscription to Science News Magazine. Award recipients and their sponsoring teachers are each eligible to win a Ricoh digital camera in an international drawing. The award is open to all grade levels.

Society for In Vitro Biology
Awarded to an outstanding 11th grade student exhibiting in the areas of plant or animal in vitro biology or tissue culture. The winner will receive a letter of congratulations and publicity of his/her achievement will be included in the society's newsletter or on their website at It is also possible that the recipient will be contacted by our society and invited to attend our annual meeting where a special presentation will be conducted for those recipients residing in the area where the annual meeting is held.

US Air Force
The US Air Force is proud to recognize the top projects in the sciences and engineering fields that exemplify the scientific process ideally aerospace related, but projects in math or science field are also acceptable. There will be 4 projects awarded with the winners receiving a certificate, padfolio, WiFI hotspot finder, USB flash drive, ballpoint pen and a messenger bag. The top winer also getsa silver medallion.

U.S. Army Awards of Excellence
The Department of the Army will offer five awards for scientific/ engineering excellence to student exhibitors in grades 9 - 12. The winners will receive a certificate and tangible awards (i.e. savings bond) and the best state fair winner will additionally receive a silver medallion. The winners will be selected from the following categories: Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics/ Computer Science, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.

U.S. Navy/ U.S. Marine Corps Award
The U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps will award students with exceptional work in science and engineering. Two awards will be given in grades 9 - 12 consisting of a certificate, medallion and $75.00 gift certificate. Also two awards will be given in grades 6 - 8 consisting of a for certificates and medallion.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Outstanding Student Certificate
The U.S. Department of Public Health will award a certificate to the project which creatively illustrates and expands upon the Surgeon General’s new “Steps to a Healthier US” Initiative for the prevention of diabetes, overweight and obesity, and asthma.

U.S. Metric Association Certificate of Award
The U.S. Metric Association will award one certificate in the Junior and Senior Division to the student whose project involves a significant amount of quantitative measurement and which best uses the SI metric system for those measurements.

Water Environment Federation U.S. Regional Stockholm Junior Water Prize Award
The Water Environment Federation will award three certificates and a chance to compete in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize to students in grades 9 - 12 with the best project in water environment science. The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is the most prestigious youth award for a high school water science research project. The winner progresses to the state competition by registering and submitting a one-page abstract on by April 15, 2008.

Yale Science & Engineering Association Award
The Yale Science & Engineering Association (YSEA) will award one certificate and medallion to the most outstanding 11th grade student exhibiting in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, Physics or Chemistry.