Washington State Science and Engineering Fair
Policy on Photography

Intent of Policy:

To establish a policy for the handling of photographs taken during WSSEF by the official photographer.

General Provisions of Policy

The Official WSSEF Photographer will be taking photographs during WSSEF of participating students, judges, teachers and other people in attendance. These photographs may be used on the WSSEF web site, on promotional flyers and brochures, sent to Special Awards Donors and any other forms used to promote WSSEF.

To comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 2000, WSSEF does not include Identifiable Personal Information when using these pictures on the official WSSEF web site.

Parents/ Guardians of students competing at WSSEF will be informed of this policy via the “Parent (Guardian) Consent and Photography Release Form”.

Photography Release Form

A signed “Parent / Guardian Consent and Photography Release Form” will be required for every student competing at WSSEF. This form is a requirement to complete registration. Failure to complete registration will prevent a student from participating in the WSSEF.