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Registration deadline is extended to March 22, 2014.
All forms must be postmarked by this date.


Registration Procedures for projects in Grades 6-12: Individual


Step 5: What category is your project?  Click on the link below for a list of the categories.  You will need to decide on a category before continuing to Step 6.

Click here for a list of categories.

Step 6: Do you want to fill out the Student Information-Individual Form (W1) on the computer (preferred) or do you want print out the form and fill it in by hand?  If you fill out the form online, please print out a copy before you close the online form window. Press one of following buttons.  

Student Information – Individual Project Form

Step 7: Click the following link to download the pdf version of the Parent (Guardian) Signature Form (W2). Completely fill out this form and have your parent or guardian sign the form. For more information on WSSEF’s Policy on Identifiable Personal Information and Photography, click here. This form must be signed by your parent or guardian and mailed with your registration package to participate in WSSEF. 

Parent (Guardian) Signature for Form (W2)

Step 8: Click each of the following links to download the pdf version of the International Science and Engineering (ISEF) forms listed below which are required for every project in grades 6 - 12. Completely fill out these forms and make sure you have obtained all the required signatures.The Adult Sponsor may be a teacher, parent, university professor, or scientist in whose lab the student is working. The Adult Sponsor is responsible for working with the student to evaluate any possible risks and to ensure the health and safety of the student conducting the research and any humans or animals subjects involved in the project.

Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
Student Checklist (1A)
Approval Form (1B)

Step 9: Did you complete the three forms from Steps 6 through 8?

Please take a moment to make sure the following forms are completely filled out, legible and any required signatures have been obtained.

1.  Student Information – Individual Project Form (W1)

2.  Parent (Guardian) Signature Form (W2)

3.  Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)

4.  Student Checklist (1A)

5.  Approval Form (1B)

Step 10: If the SRC Committee requires any additional forms, please take a moment to make sure the required additional forms are completely filled out, legible and any required signatures have been obtained (you can skip this step if you answered “No” to step 2).

Step 11: You are almost done!  Please make a copy of all your forms that will be sent in your registration package to WSSEF. Keep the original forms and bring them to the fair with you.  Mail in only copies of forms with your registration package. All copies must be legible (easy to read).

Step 12: You made it! It is time to send your registration package to WSSEF.  Please make sure you include all of the following required items when you mail your registration package.

  1. Entry fee of $15.00 (Checks payable to WSSEF)

  2. Copy of Student Information - Individual Project Form (W1)

  3. Copy of Parent (Guardian) Signature Form (W2)

  4. Copy of Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)

  5. Copy of Student Checklist (1A)

  6. Copy of Approval Form (1B)

  7. Copy of any other forms required by the SRC Committee

Mail registration package postmarked by the registration deadline to:

Washington State Science and Engineering Fair
PO Box 2412
Silverdale, WA 98383-2412

Congratulations on completing the registration process!

For any questions, please send e-mail to WSSEF registration or call 360-551-0012.



The WSSEF is immensely grateful for the contributions from its sponsors. Without their generous support the WSSEF would not be able to give its participants the opportunities and support they need.

The WSSEF encourages each participant to recognize the generosity of these sponsors by calling or writing to them directly. Many of the sponsoring businesses will be providing staffing and support at this year's fair. If you see them, please say "Hello" and thank them for their support.


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